Join the Effort

The Assembli Team invites you to participate in three ways:


Re-Imagine With Us!

Add your thoughts into the design process! Re-imagining is a group effort! Set aside your doubts, your fears, and your apprehensions – and let your imagination loose! Tell us what you come up with!  

Join our community Facebook Page or email us at with your ideas.


Help Raise the Capital!

Invest!  We are launching a campaign to raise $5 million to build, launch, and scale the Assembli App. You can participate as an equity investor (buy shares – minimum $10,000 ), a Charitable Investor (get a donation tax receipt, but designate the Charity to invest in Assembli – minimum $1,000). Assembli is a collaborative effort under a for-profit company, Qritical Holdings Corp. registered in Canada. Request an Investor Guide here.


Join the Crowd

Assembli is launching an Indigogo project! Assembli is a tech startup with a radical purpose! We would like at least $1,000,000 of our startup funding to come from real people in neighborhoods all over the world. Join one of 5000 people in giving $20+  toward the Assembli crowdfunding campaign. 

Launching in April 2024, sign up to our emails for updates and details about the coming campaign!


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