Welcome to Assembli

Radically Reimagine Collaboration!

RadicallyReimagine Collaboration!

Assembli is an innovative platform to bring together teams, tools, individuals, and resources to see breakthroughs in their world.

Reckless Faith

Taking courage and trust in something greater than ourselves, even when we do not fully understand God’s plan

Real Hope

Inspired to overcome obstacles and go beyond wishful thinking into a confidence in God’s ability to transform on a grand scale

Radical Plan

Willingness to take risks and create innovative solutions to the problems we face in our communities and in our world

Assembli Movement

Assembli Impact

Providing a Path to Sustainable Change

Assembli is a platform built for active difference-makers, seeking a place at the table to fully engage with producing change in our world, locally and globally.

No longer letting our differences become a source of division, instead, we become a community of collaboration. We seek to make an impact by harnessing an individual’s unique skill combined with the vision of emerging leaders for a shared purpose.

Let’s unleash our vast potential and create a world-changing movement.

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Stay Connected

We want this to be a collaborative journey where we work together to make a difference for God’s kingdom and for His Glory. It’s not a movement without you. We want to hear from you, what excites you about Assembli and what part you might play.

Our Blog

Structure Blocks: Groups

The moment has finally arrived! We’re now ready to dive in and explore each of the 15 block types that are central to Assembli.

Introduction to BlockPlay

We are excited to begin a series of blog posts that FINALLY get into the details of Assembli, and why we believe it can and will become a game changer.

Why Radical Change is Entirely Possible

Are you one of the growing number of people that believes change is possible—in fact, probable? I hope so. In reality, the question is not IF change can and will happen, but rather… will you be a part of it or be a spectator? To Jesus, it matters which you are, so answer carefully.

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