Core Beliefs that Must, and Can, Change (for this to happen). 

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There are some core beliefs that you and I must have, some mind shifts that must addressed before you can believe… truly believe that in a short time we can together create radical change, where governments, global mission agencies, and other well-intentioned initiatives have failed to do so. Here are seven mind shifts that will bring walls crashing down – giving hope and vast new possibilities for you. 

Change will never happen.  

This is one of the worst, insidious lies that our enemies want us to believe. It categorically stops us dead in our tracks, because… why try to do the impossible? Biblically speaking, with God, all things are possible. Yes. But let’s not just avoid dealing with this question by quoting a verse. Almost impossible things can become ENTIRELY doable, with the right tools, plans, and people. And we believe those tools, plans, and people are now available. 

Change takes a very long time.  

Some change does take time. But beginning a confident march toward change can begin right now. Much change can happen far faster than you think. There are reasons why we see so many efforts stall and go nowhere. Usually its because there is no plan, and no way to connect together all the parts that are needed to see success. Change also needs to be broken into shorter milestones that can be celebrated, and built on.  

My little part won’t add up to anything. 

This is similar to the “change will never happen” mindset. But it’s a negative attitude that focuses on yourself. Let’s look at several statements that are all true. My little part won’t add up to big change, if its not connected to others doing their little parts. My little part can still add up to significant local change.  Big change cannot happen without many people doing their little parts. Your little part CAN add up to big change, if it’s also part of a bigger strategy, and if you are committed to see it through to the end, or at least pass the baton on to others. Assembli will do the rest of the work connecting the dots. 

There is such a lack of money and resources. 

It’s called a poor man’s attitude. I have suffered with this all my life.  I know what it’s about. But in recent years I’ve come to realize that there is no lack of resource. Do you know that the world’s pet care industry is bigger than the amount of money Christians invest in real people, ministry, mission and outreach? The global Christian community is rich, and blessed with every single type of resource that is needed for us to fully take on any challenge that God puts on our hearts. So where’s the problem?  The supply chain system, trust issues, and bottomless pit syndrome, to name a few. It’s not a lack of resource. It’s a lack of imagination to fix those problems. At Assembli, we aim to do just that.  

I’d have to leave my job. 

No, you don’t.  In fact, we are counting on you (the vast majority of you) to stay exactly where you are. The salt cannot flavour the food by being taken out of it. We need normal people, in normal jobs and lifestyles, to inspire and lead from where they are… to stay close to the fabric and routines and everyday challenges of life… so that you can model what it is to be a compassionate, engaged Christian. You can still have a part in global initiatives, right from where you are. That’s what Assembli is all about. 

I could never be a leader. 

Depends what you mean by a leader. We are looking for people of all ages who care about people, who see a way to help, and are courageous enough to talk to and inspire at least a couple of friends to take some action. At the core, that’s a leader. Now, this movement, if you join, will give you tools that can help you, in a fun way, maybe inspire five people instead of two, or 50 instead of 10, and make some plans together.  Can you inspire two people to join you, and act together to do something God has put on your heart? Then you’re a leader. If you truly don’t want to lead. That’s ok.  Just make sure you are helping another leader. 

I don’t have the time. 

Most people I know are busy. But all people I know have exactly 24 hours in their day. The funny thing is, the people who do the most good are the ones who are also the busiest. Bottom line is, you are busy with what you choose to be busy with. The chances are, you can replace 10% of your most poorly or selfishly used time, with 10% that can be invested in ways that contribute to a radical new movement of hope across the world.  

About the Author

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Mark Orr

Mark was raised as a missionary kid in Brazil. He has committed his life to helping emerging leaders be more effective, and ultimately the Church more able to carry out her Mission in the world. He has previously served in global refugee mission work. Mark and his family are Canadians, but have lived in the UK, Greece, and Uganda over the last 10 years.


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