Why Radical Change is Entirely Possible

Are you one of the growing number of people that believes change is possible—in fact, probable? I hope so. In reality, the question is not IF change can and will happen, but rather… will you be a part of it or be a spectator? To Jesus, it matters which you are, so answer carefully.

The Crisis of Lukewarmness

Merriam-Webster defines lukewarm as being tepid; lacking conviction; half-hearted. Being lukewarm in our faith and Christian convictions is a problem that’s more detestable to God than either being hot or cold.

The Problem with Hope

The Problem of Hope

Hope is a very underrated strategic factor when we talk about change. We often see hope as something we give away. It is more of the end result rather than part of the process. But without hope at the beginning, we don’t even try to pursue change.

The Big Idea: Where it all begins

Where It all begins - world map

The place where we aim to spark a movement of hope and compassion within the Christian community…a movement that is entirely possible, and involves you at the very core.  

A Place For Everyone

This is a movement with a place for everyone. A place where all who have experienced the grace of God, or desire to, can band together in every village and nation in the world to bring hope to those who need hope, and to change what seems impossible to change.

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